Jenevieve Aken

  • Jenevieve Aken

    FEATURE — The photographer Jenevieve Aken is a storyteller. Though Aken often turns to self-portraiture, her work is never merely autobiographical. Explore

Brent Chua

  • Brent Chua

    EDITORIAL — Photography by BRENT CHUA Explore

Pan Daijing

  • Pan Daijing

    COVER — Pan Daijing is an artist and composer whose work defies easy categorisation. Explore

Arthur Delloye

  • Arthur Delloye

    EDITORIAL — Photography by ARTHUR DELLOYE Explore

Antonio Dicorato

  • Antonio Dicorato

    EDITORIAL — Photography by ANTONIO DICORATO Explore

Ottavia Di Leo

  • Ottavia Di Leo

    EDITORIAL — Photography by OTTAVIA DI LEO Explore

Jingze Du

  • Jingze Du

    The aura of displacement rocked the beginnings of artist Jingze Du when he first arrived in Dublin, Ireland from Yantai, China at the age of 13. Explore

Valie Export

  • Valie Export

    FEATURE — In 1968, the artist VALIE EXPORT walked into a porn film screening at a cinema in Munich, wielding a machine gun and wearing crotchless pants. Explore

Arianna Genghini

  • Arianna Genghini

    EDITORIAL — Photography by ARIANNA GENGHINI Explore

Sylke Golding

  • Sylke Golding

    COVER — Sylke started modelling at the age of 18, scouted – as she explains below – when living in Sweden. Now, age 55, Sylke is still modelling. Explore

Illya Goldman Gubin

  • Illya Goldman Gubin

    FEATURE — The first three-dimensional, physical object that multidisciplinary artist Illya Goldman Gubin made comments on the everyday obstacles creatives face in a world dominated by consumerist logic. Explore

Mark Leckey

  • Mark Leckey

    FEATURE — “Ah rabbit holes, I know them” texts Mark Leckey, after I ask if we can delay our interview. Explore

Alain Levitt

  • Alain Levitt

    FEATURE — As a photographer in New York in the aughts, Levitt had turned his back on photography by the time the decade was out. Explore

Sanchos Madridejos

  • Sanchos Madridejos

    FEATURE — The construction of a new system, a new process, and a new language marks the beginning of Juan Carlos Sancho and Sol Madridejos’ work at their Madrid-based practice Sancho-Madridejos Architecture Office, established in 1982. Explore

Laila Majid

  • Laila Majid

    FEATURE — For the artist Laila Majid, exploring the relationship between materials and the body is a recurring theme. Explore

Alessandro Mannelli

  • Alessandro Mannelli

    COVER — MSGM Special — Photography by Alessandro Mannelli Explore

Malerie Marder

  • Malerie Marder

    FEATURE — If Malerie Marder is something of a voyeur, her subjects are never unaware that they’re being viewed by the photographer, her camera and us, the audience. Explore

Raffo Marone

  • Raffo Marone

    EDITORIAL — Photography by Raffo Marrone Explore

Fabrizio Narcisi

  • Fabrizio Narcisi

    SHORT FILM — Video & photography by FABRIZIO NARCISI

Nicolò Parsenziani

  • Nicolò Parsenziani

    EDITORIAL — Photography by NICOLÒ PARSENZIANI Explore

Photographer Hal

Bettina Pittaluga

  • Bettina Pittaluga

    FEATURE — When photographer Bettina Pittaluga talks about developing film, she describes it as painting a picture – retrieving the details within the image, matching the exact skin tone of her subject. Explore

Nicholas Préaud

  • Nicholas Préaud

    FEATURE — Nicholas Préaud’s fondness for furniture and product design brings him satisfaction on different scales in different timelines. Explore

Nina Raasch

  • Nina Raasch

    EDITORIAL — Photography by NINA RAASCH Explore

Andrés Reisinger

  • Andrés Reisinger

    FEATURE — Testing the limits of the boundaries communities and self impose shapes the utopia Andrés Reisinger aspires to manifest. Explore

Carmine Romano

  • Carmine Romano

    FEATURE — A man of few words, photographer Carmine Romano prefers to hold the camera and point the lens to his subjects rather than be the subject himself. Explore

Sho Shibuya

  • Sho Shibuya

    FEATURE — Sho Shibuya is a graphic designer who has lived in New York for the past ten years – the last five of those years spent painting every day. Explore

Georgina Starr

  • Georgina Starr

    FEATURE — It’s difficult to summarise the art of Georgina Starr. Since the early 1990s, the artist has made use of the array of tools (video, sound, written word and live performance) at her disposal to create a rich and varied body of work. Explore


  • Superflux

    FEATURE — Founded by Anab Jain and Jon Ardern in 2009, Superflux calls itself a boundary-defying design and experiential futures company whose research and art practice range from climate change to algorithmic autonomy, from future of work to more-than-human politics. Explore

Alexandra Von Fuerst

  • Alexandra Von Fuerst

    FEATURE — For Alexandra Von Fuerst, photography is a way to explore the relationships between the human body and nature, and how the two are more inextricably bound than we may think. Explore

Aytekin Yalcin

  • Aytekin Yalcin

    EDITORIAL — Photography by AYTEKIN YALCIN Explore

Yis Kid

  • Yis Kid

    EDITORIAL — Photography by Yis Kid Explore


  • Zsela

    COVER — With the release of her 2020 EP, Ache of Victory, the singer Zsela was able to satiate an audience who had been waiting for this moment. Explore

72 Hour Post Fight

  • 72 Hour Post Fight

    FEATURE — 72 Hour Post Fight is an experimental project between two Milan-based producers and musicians. Explore