Allyssa Heuze

NR · World
Published · Online


Photo Allyssa Heuze   
Fashion Ally Macrae
Make-up Agnes Obis
Hair Sachiya Mashita
Models Charles and Tomas from Rockme and Julie from Viva


  1. Jacket Vintage Yves Saint Laurent and Trousers Vintage Hat Stylist’s Own
  2. Charles is wearing Shirt Vintage Pants Bless Julie is wearing Blazer Vintage Jumper Raf Simons Trousers Bless Tomas is wearing Jumpsuit Bless Hat Stylist’s own
  3. Tomas is wearing Suit Bless Jumper J.W. Anderson  Charles is wearing Jacket Vintage Yves Saint Laurent and Trousers Vintage Julie is wearing Jumper Emmanuelle Khanh Trousers Vintage Prada
  4. Tomas is wearing Blazer Emmanuelle Khanh Shorts Bless Charles is wearing Cardigan Bless Julie is wearing Jacket Vintage Yves Saint Laurent Top Emmanuelle Khanh
  5. Tomas is wearing Jumpsuit Bless Top Raf Simons Charles is wearing Jumper and Trousers Aalto Julie is wearing Blazer Emmanuelle Khanh Jumper Lemaire   Trousers Vintage
  6. Blazer Vintage Jumper Raf Simons Jeans Bless
  7. Charles is weating Shirt Vintage Trousers Bless
  8. Jumpsuit Bless Top Raf Simons

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