José Javier Serrano

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The photographer and designer José Javier Serrano (Donostia, 1981), better known artistically as Yosigo, is a young artist from San Sebastian who has achieved a new way of looking at and facing landscapes and places that we inhabit everyday but are often unable to take away his value and aesthetic strength – or if we do, we do it conventionally.

Yosigo manages with his photographs to give a turn to what “normally we see” and to take us to its unmistakable terrain and particular vision of its surroundings.

The look of Yosigo (composition, chromatism, chosen elements …) is what gives his proposal a nontransferable personality, completely recognizable by his way of doing, which is without doubt one of the indispensable requirements to differentiate himself from the rest of the artistic proposals and get what is so petulantly used in the literary field and defined as “own voice.”

In addition, his passion for photography does not hide another of his passions (also his form of sustenance): graphic design. He himself has recognized in some interview that this taste for graphic design has influenced, at least to date, how to face the composition of many of his photographs, where straight lines and symmetry are part of his photographic personality and that directly influence when composing his photographs and in the same design of his exhibitions. Undoubtedly, we are dealing with the work of a singular and very personal photographer.


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