Tiffany Nicholson

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Antioquia, Choco

COLUMBIA — The photographic series Antioquia, Choco documents my four-month trip in Colombia. During this trip, I mostly stayed in these two different places and some of the images were shot during the lockdown in a natural reserve near the Panama border. I am used to travelling slowly and it takes me a lot of time to get in the mood for photographing. I really need to connect with the environment before taking out my camera.

The experience was a huge immersion inside wild nature and rurality. Likewise, the images depict an abounding and generous greenery, while illustrating an elementary way-of-life. Between panoramic landscapes and infinite views, some closer shots reveal natural small details. I experiment visual interaction between elements and textures: palm trees scratching the sunny sky, an old tree trunk drilling the calm river surface, water drops dancing on a leaf in a muggy heat…

Besides those unplanned images of nourishing earth, I also composed still lives which decelerate the rhythm of the series and offer a calm interlude. These shots associate raw materials and craft tools with delicate fruits, enhancing their shapes’ beauty and soft tints. I hope the images reflect the intimate connection I had with the subjects and the area, and that it gives a feeling of appeasement and some kind of resourcing loneliness. 

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