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Rebecca Ackroyd

  • Rebecca Ackroyd

    FEATURE – From fragmented memories to ordinary encounters: Locating the subconscious in the work of Rebecca Ackroyd Explore

Matias Alfonzo

  • Matias Alfonzo

    EDITORIAL – Photography by MATIAS ALFONZO and styling by Camille Franke


Ramla Ali

  • Ramla Ali

    COVER FEATURE – Professional boxer Ramla Ali (born in Mogadishu, Somalia) is definitely one of the forces of change of our generation. Explore


  • Blackhaine

    COVER FEATURE – Tom Heyes, also known by his artistic moniker Blackhaine is a rapper, poet and choreographer from Lancashire, UK. Known by many for his projects with Kanye West (Donda 1 and 2) and more, the multidisciplinary artist has forged for himself a solid path, establishing his own unique artistry. Explore

Patrick Bienert

  • Patrick Bienert

    FEATURE – East End of Europe through the lens of Patrick Bienert


Miriam Cahn

  • Miriam Cahn

    COVER FEATURE – Miriam Cahn (born 1949 in Basel, Switzerland) started her career in the 1970s and initiated painting at the age of 45 in the 1990s in Switzerland. Explore

Xavier Casanueva

  • Xavier Casanueva

    EDITORIAL – Photography by Xavier Casanueva and styling by Asier Rodriguez


Marcello Junior Dino

  • Marcello Junior Dino

    EDITORIAL – Photography by Marcello Junior Dino and styling by Claudia Cerasuolo


Ayse Erkmen

  • Ayşe Erkmen

    FEATURE – Ayşe Erkmen (born 1949, Istanbul, Turkey) is one of Turkey’s most important visual artists.  Her practice has long examined the social and political implications of physical space including infrastructure, urban planning and architecture. Explore

Veronica Fernandez

  • Veronica Fernandez

    FEATURE – Veronica Fernandez (b. 1998) is a mixed media artist from New Jersey, who is currently working in Los Angeles, California. Fernandez’s work investigates relationships between people and their environments. Explore

Bianca Fields

  • Bianca Fields

    FEATURE – Bianca Fields (born 1995, Cleveland, Ohio) is a contemporary artist, currently based in Kansas City, Missouri. Fields is one to watch in the contemporary at world scene as she strikes with her highly charged paintings. Explore

Ciro Galluccio

  • EDITORIAL – Photography by Ciro Galluccio and styling by Alessandro Ferrari


Celeste Galanda

  • Celeste Galanda

    EDITORIAL – Photography by Celeste Galanda and styling by Francisco Ugarte


Elizabeth Glaessner

  • Elizabeth Glaessner

    COVER FEATURE – Therapeutic gateways to an inner world, Elizabeth Glaessner uncovers the realms of the psyche conjuring up a surreal universe in a constant state of metamorphosis. Explore

Eugenio Intini

  • Eugenio Intini

    EDITORIAL – Photography by Eugenio Intini and styling by Giulia Meterangelis


Peter Kaaden

  • Peter Kaaden

    EDITORIAL – Photography by Peter Kaaden and Till Milieus and styling by Peninah Amanda


Julia Morozova

  • Julia Morozova

    EDITORIAL – Photography by JULIA MOROZOVA and styling by Veronica Dronova



  • Okolo

    FEATURE – OKOLO is a Prague based design collective founded by Adam Štěch, Matěj Činčera and Jan Kloss. Explore


  • Overmono

    COVER FEATURE – The In-Between: Overmono create a layered and boundary pushing sound that exists between emotional states.  Explore

Jan Philipzen

  • Jan Philipzen

    EDITORIAL – Photography by Jan Philipzen and styling by Victor Hanen


George Rouy

  • George Rouy

    COVER FEATURE – Abstraction and distortion in art come out intuitively to George Rouy along with human emotions and relationships Explore

Filippo Scotti

  • Filippo Scotti

    COVER FEATURE – Filippo Scotti wears a worried look as he fires off apologies for being five minutes late into the call. Explore

Andres Serrano

  • Andres Serrano

    FEATURE — Andres Serrano (born 1950 in New York, United States) has been recognised for his thought-provoking photographs and installations. Explore

Lila Steinkampf

  • Lila Steinkampf

    FEATURE – Jelly cakes as objects of desire prelude a sensual dessert experience that cake artist and food stylist Lila Steinkampf makes. Explore

Shauna Summers

  • Shauna Summers

    EDITORIAL – Photography by Shauna Summers and styling by Camille Naomi Franke


Amia Yokoyama

  • Amia Yokoyama

    FEATURE – The lack of contentment governs the persistence of Amia Yokoyama to unfold the transaction between permanence and impermanence, fragility and strength. Explore

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NR 16
Sweet Sixteen, Ken Loach (2002)

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