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NR Sound Premiere #13

Track: Romance Malfunction
Album: Hacker [HSN04]
Release date: 14.06.24
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NR Sound Mix 044

Oyubi started his career as a DJ/producer in 2017, specializing in mixing juke/footwork, bass, and teks. He is also active as a footwork dancer, and has participated in Battle Train Tokyo, Japan's top foortwork competition. In 2020. He released a split EP with Carpainter on Trekkie Trax, and has contributed music to KONAMI's DanceDanceRevolution A20. In 2020 he released a mini-album on TREKKIE TRAX, co-written by Osaka and producer Fetus, with support from Kush Jones, Objekt, and Ben UFO. Turing, a party held with Fetus from 2020, started its label activity in 2023, presenting a new form of dance music.

NR Sound Mix 043
dj g2g

dj g2g (she/they) is a Danish/Uruguayan artist, producer & DJ. Through her energetic, playful, fun and experimental approach to mixing genres while referencing popular internet-culture, she have created her own characteristic signature.
Having graduated from The Danish Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Electronic Composition along with touring across the world DJ'ing, this has laid the foundation from which dj g2g produces and creates music that focuses on genre-bending sounds with hybrids of many origins as opposed to being bound by the rules/traditions of one.
Lately, dj g2g has expanded her practice by making soundtracks for documentaries and fashion shows, having just shared her work in campaign films by Raga Malak and Dion Lee, and an extensive soundscape for Alectra Rothschild AW24 Runway show during Copenhagen Fashion Week.

"This mix consists of my peak time favourites, (big buildups and drops x), some old, some new, with a wide range of bpms and from some of my favorite artists from all over the world."

NR Sound Mix 042

Meet Mikrotakt, a UK native with roots deep in the forests of Sweden. This raw groove dealer has already made his mark on the electronic music landscape with releases on esteemed labels such as SYXT, BCCO, Malör, and many more.
Having honed his skills in industry-standard recording studios before a temporary setback, Mikrotakt remains committed to pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration.
His signature sound—a fusion of dystopic futuristic soundscapes, intricate rhythms, and meticulous sound design—reflects not only his technical prowess but also his profound dedication to his art.
Beyond his solo endeavours, Mikrotakt wears the hat of a label boss, steering the ship of the burgeoning imprint PRTL WRX. Despite its early stages, the label has already garnered attention within the industry, thanks to Mikrotakt's keen ear for talent and innovative sonic vision. With heavy support from industry giants, PRTL WRX is poised to leave an indelible mark on the scene.

NR Sound Premiere #12 Förlåt

Track: Förlåt
Album: Minnet
Release date: 10.05.24
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NR Sound Mix 041
Hiba Salameh

"Dive into a fusion journey spanning from SWANA to the Western world and back with this mix."

Hiba Salameh is a music producer, filmmaker and DJ from Haifa. Touring around the world with her electrifying sets and being named by Mixmag as 'one of the Palestinian DJs you need to know'.
Never accepting borders, she continuously challenges music genres to create unique sensual experiences while bonding music traditions rooted in the past with their contemporary reflections.
In her eclectic DJ Sets, Hiba loves to navigate through the wide universe of electronic music blending the huge heritage of Arabic music with its counterparts from the planet’s southern hemisphere.

NR Sound Mix 040

Omar Suárez, known as "OMAAR," is a DJ/Producer hailing from the northern part of Mexico City, Mexico. Suárez developed an early, almost obsessive interest in electronic music since childhood, which eventually led to a keen ear for music.

His career as a producer began in 2012, and his sound is characterised by playing and exploring with dark, cheerful, and nostalgic atmospheres. He is also known for merging and/or mixing broken rhythms such as Jungle/drum & bass, grime, UK garage, among others, with more conventional rhythms or genres like techno, house, and even hip-hop. His aim is to reflect life experiences, dreams, feelings, and emotions, leading them to introspection.

The need to showcase his versatile productions has made him one of the most proactive producers in the country. He debuted as a DJ in 2014, becoming a member and participant of various national and international record labels with EPs and singles, such as NAAFI, one of the most important in Mexico City, where he is currently a member and has developed his project up to the present day.

NR Sound Premiere #10 Yeah Classic
Notte Infinita

Label: Twin System
Album: In The Slush (iii) [TLPITS03]
Mastering: Johnny Arthur
Release date: 22.04.24
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NR Sound Premiere #11 Introjection
Phase Fatale

Label: BITE
Album: Love Is Destructive [BITE032]
Release date: 19.04.24
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NR Sound Mix 039

Ya Hu is a DJ from Ramallah-Jerusalem. She mixes industrial sounds, techno, and melodies of Arabic experimental music and influence. She is a member of the UNION Collective; a group of DJs that started a series of nights in Ramallah and has taken over nights in venues including Phonox, Fabric, and Katerblau. She also cofounded FANA’ Collective aimed at deconstructing everyday knowledge and art production and finding an outing from otherwise limited spaces.

"I’m sharing with you an intimate mix of Arabic experimental music. Time has seemed static for the past couple of months, and the disruption - never ending. I hope you enjoy some tracks and sounds that truly resonate in my everyday emotions and potentially in our collective memory."

NR Sound Mix 038
Didi Han

Born and raised in Seoul, South Korea, Didi Han’s passion for arts began in high school. During university, where she majored in art and textile design, Didi worked as a designer. She first began blurring the lines between the arts of fashion and music after working as a music director for fashion shows and selecting music during fashion week.
Inspired by Nicolas Jaar’s performances, Didi soon delved into the world of DJing, and became part of the ‘Deluxe Seoul’ collective, performing for Boiler Room on two occasions, and touring in Europe and Asia. While active as a DJ, her creative spark soon led her to craft her own music.
Didi unveiled her debut release Forest (2019), sharing a glimpse of her thrilling production with lo-fi textures and flugelhorn sounds. Two years later, she released Wake Up (2021) on the french record label Roche Musique. She completed this house EP on her trip to Bali, drawing inspiration from the sounds and moments she experienced in the warm sunlight and emerald ocean.
Didi also released a brand new EP In the Zone (2023) after moving from Seoul to Paris. In this EP, she strives to capture the essence of the korean word '무아지경', a profound spiritual state where one loses themselves in pure focus, even forgetting their own existence. Just like the dancer who enters a meditative 'Zone' when moving with abandon, she invites you to immerse yourself in a world where existence fades at every beat, leaving only the rhythm of the moment.
Since then, Didi’s popularity has growned worldwide. She performed at festivals, clubs and headlining shows, such as Village Underground, Ministry of Sound (London), Festival de la Philharmonie de Paris, Badaboum (Paris), Circus (Tokyo, Osaka), Under Bron (Stockholm), Club Malasaña (Madrid), Potato Head (Seminyak - Bali) as well as Kablys club (Vilnius).
Furthermore, Didi launched her own unique curated parties Dance Therapy.
Read the interview with Didi Han here:

NR Sound Premiere #9 Tadleeh - Seekers

Album: LONE
Label: YOUTH
Release date: 25.03.24
Read the interview with Tadleeh here:
Order the digital album here:

NR Sound Mix 037
Venus Ex Machina

Venus Ex Machina is alias of Nontokozo F. Sihwa. She has contributed sounds and music to a range of projects spanning releases on labels such as AD93 NON Worldwide and Optimo Music. Additionally, her installation work has been showcased at Hyperdub’s seminal ‘Ø’ series and at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) London. In 2021, she won the PRS Foundation Oram Award for innovation in music and sound technologies. Trained as a mathematician, she brings both a boundless curiosity and exacting precision to her work. She developed a “Pirate AI Opera” for CTM Festival in Berlin, and led a workshop on radio transmitter building at Moogfest in North Carolina. Venus Ex Machina draws on her interest in futurism, posthumanism, and the phenomenology of radio-related communication, all of which inspire her otherworldly and distinctive music.

She has performed at numerous festivals and events across Europe including Berlin Atonal, LEV Festival (Madrid), Minimal Music Festival (Amsterdam), CTM Festival (Berlin), Oslo Contemporary Music Festival and Les Nuits Botanique (Brussels). She has lectured and given workshops at various institutions including Berklee College of Music, Slade School of Fine Art, Somerset House Studios, Tate Britain, The V&A Museum and for Creative Europe's SHAPE Platform. Clients for sync projects and commissioned work include notable brands such as Burberry, Star Alliance and the Royal Docks. She was featured in ‘Sonic Futures’ - a documentary by FACT Magazine and the British Council, and is currently pursuing a PhD at Brown University, in addition to an ongoing variety of commissions and collaborative experiments. Upcoming projects include seasonal residencies at MONOM and Callie's in Berlin, development of a score for playwright Florence Keith-Roach, and a commission by American artist Victoria Rogers, focusing on music for dreaming.

A third album is in progress, and will feature collaborators such as Valentina Magaletti on drums, Amy Langley on cello and Florence Rutherford-Jones on violin, among others.

NR Sound Mix 036

CORIN is Corin Ileto - a Filipina-Australian electronic producer, composer, DJ and performer working in theater and club spaces. Her productions and live performances are an assemblage of converging styles moving in between industrial percussion, celestial trance, and baroque-laden ambience. In her compositions, traditional forms merge with hyper-digital sounds to create cinematic imaginary realms.

Her seminal releases include Manifest LP (Bedouin Records, 2019), Enantiodromia EP - released on Lee Gamble's iconic label UIQ (2021), and Araw EP (2021). In 2023, she released her sophomore album Lux Aeterna on UIQ which was accompanied by a performance fx video and a live AV performance which toured across Europe including Berlin Atonal (Berlin), Lunchmeat Festival (Prague), L.E.V. Matadero (Madrid), Robot Festival (Bologna) and W.O.S. Festival (Santiago de Compostela). Based in Sydney, she has garnered praise across Australia, performing at Unsound Festival (Adelaide), Soft Centre Festival (Sydney) and Dark Mofo (Hobart).

As a DJ, CORIN has appeared at respected venues including Berghain (Berlin), Final (Taipei) and Garage Noord (Amsterdam). Her style of DJing is a dynamic eclectic high-energy mix showcasing some of her favourite left-field producers and labels from the global south. Since 2020, CORIN has hosted a regular show on NTS Radio inviting diverse producers to share guest mixes including Tygapaw, Imaabs, Lawrence Lek, x/o and Animistic Beliefs.

As a composer and sound designer, Ileto works across a broad spectrum ranging from video, theater and surround sound installations often collaborating with dancer Angela Goh, Filipinx artist Phasmahammer and queer Asia-Pacific diasporic collective Club Ate.

"Eclectic club mix of newly released tracks from producers Lao, Anh Phi, Dirty K, DJ Fucci, Mumdance and Tallin club/collective Shelter, and also some of my favourite labels from the global south."

NR Sound Premiere #8 In Love Again

Album: MD002
Release date: 04.03.24
Order the digital album here:
Read the interview with Mumdance here:…-etymology/mumdance/

NR Sound Mix 035

British musician and designer Theodore Ian Iagö known professionally as iagö, was raised on the East Coast of England. With a hyper-attention to detail, much of his work explores the dividing lines between various disciplines and the intersections between sound and image; soon establishing him as a designer who’s worked with some of the most pivotal artists of our time, from Pharrell Williams to The Rolling Stones.
This pursuit for a more all-encompassing craft that led him to withdraw himself from putting on nights at the likes of Phonox and David Lynch’s Silencio in Paris, and touring Europe as a DJ - through which he performed alongside the likes of DJ Hell, Pete Tong and The Martinez Brothers.
His track ‘The Wall’ was released in 2021 as part of a compilation on Hardt Antoine’s Reculture, alongside Argy and Dharma. This fierce tempo offering typified his desire to blend a variety of influences, and saw him gain widespread support from the likes of Innealea and Agents of Time.
His subsequent single ‘Last Ashes’ heralded the arrival of his most complete project to date: his debut EP, ‘The Chemical Wedding’. The highly clinical accompanying video of the title track, directed by Angelo Dominic Sesto (Gosha Rubchinskiy, LOEWE, Skepta), and featuring choreographer and dancer Sem Osian, depicts a grisly netherworld that embodies the harshness and energy in the track.

“Music from the past, present and future. Influences that span longer than I can imagine. Admittedly concluding with my obsession with the relationship between sound and image; David Lynch’s ‘Lost Highway’ comes to mind.”

NR Sound Mix 034
Dara Khakpour

Dara is a designer and maker based in London with a background in architecture, product and graphic design. He believes in design's capacity as a service to help people, and to bring joy and decadence to their everyday lives. Following completing a master's in interior design at the royal college of art, he has been working across as many disciplines as possible in as many processes as possible. He continues to ask himself "Can design serve as an emotive tool beyond its practical purpose?”. He aims to develop a cohesive and accessible design vocabulary through his ongoing curiosity and personal investigations while maintaining a close alignment with culture through art, fashion and music. Through collaboration with friends, he has been organizing parties and gatherings in London that aim to offer a platform for different communities to intersect, meet, and have fun together, connecting through their common interest in music.

This mix is a collection of tracks by artists that inspire his local scene and have been a constant reference point in his creative journey.

NR Sound Mix 033

Liyo is one of the masterminds behind the beloved club night HE4RTBROKEN, an events series based in Brussels and active in Paris, Berlin, London and Shanghai alike. Offering a sanctuary to kindred emotive spirits through all nighter dj functions, sad-songs-only karaokes or AV live shows in movie theaters, they have welcomed guests such as Oklou, Laurel Halo, Oli XL, Total Freedom, Malibu and Triad God, exploring the full range of cathartic music listening. Influenced by her parallel practice as a movie editor, Liyo conceives her sets as sonic storytelling, meticulously stitching together music from all over the spectrum into a unique narrative. Emotions come first, as she is looking for unexpected collages, abrupt downfalls and intense climaxes in her mixes. As a solo dj, she has played all over Europe, East Asia and North America and has recorded mixes for Fact Magazine, HÖR and The Lot Radio to name a few, while co-running a monthly residency on NTS Radio with HE4RTBROKEN.

"An atmospheric mix with a few curveballs and some timeless classics, full of synths and melodies. It starts with a darker mood and slowly opens up towards something brighter and cheerful."

NR Sound Mix 032
Rosa Pistola

Laura Puentes, known by her artistic name Rosa Pistola, hails from Colombia but has considered Mexico her home for the past 18 years. As a cultural architect, she employs her unique auditory technique to transform spaces and environments that transcend the boundaries of what is traditionally understood as Latin music. Rosa is driven by her passion to leave a distinctive mark on the reggaeton scene.
In her musical journey, she was an integral part of underground projects focused on Noise and experimental music, such as Mangina, Raters, and Boy Band. These projects were released under her own label, culminating in her transition to a reggaeton DJ in 2015.
Specializing in underground, subversive, and experimental reggaeton, Rosa Pistola creates an atmosphere on the dance floor that is both highly erotic and intense. Her achievements include participating in the first reggaeton Boiler Room alongside DJ Playero, performing at the Sónar festival in Barcelona in 2018, becoming one of the first reggaeton DJs to take the stage at EDC Mexico in the same year, she has also share stage with icons like Ivy Queen and The Noise for RBMA, has performed at prominent venues such as Moma PS1 in New York, Primavera Sound ft Boiler Room 2022, Sonic Acts, Unsound, and many more.
Some of her most notable collaborations include working with NTS Radio on three projects: UNDER MX, Radio Super Underground, and a Cumbiaton compilation accompanied by a mini-documentary. In 2021, she embarked on a new chapter by establishing her official urban sound label and founding a recording studio called "La Chekera REC." Additionally, she collaborated with Resident Advisor on a documentary unraveling the rich history of Mexican reggaeton titled "ESTADO DE REGGAETON."

NR Sound Mix 030

This mix delves into a facet of Brenda, unearthing the tenderness nestled within the pulsating energy of club music. We embark on a journey through deconstructed club, guaracha, speed dembow, breaks, and even IDM, guided by soulful melodies and vibrant harmonic passages. "Each track showcases artists I deeply admire, interwoven with the latest echoes of my own productions, all shimmering with a special "sobeteo" – the essential sparkle that defines my sonic identity."

From the heart of Bogotá, producer Brenda rises as an important piece in the electrifying world of Latin American club music. His sound is a vibrant tapestry woven with global rhythms and textures, infused with his signature production touch. Each track emerges from a deep desire to ignite the dance floor, a meticulous blend of musical memories and structures that strike a perfect balance between electrifying fun, introspective nostalgia, and nuanced complexity. This sonic alchemy has propelled his onto the international stage, solidifying him as one of the brightest stars in Latin America's electronic music wave.

NR Sound Mix 029

MALO2K was only 17 years old when he began producing electronic music. He began with hip hop and reggaeton edits that soon spread around the world. Shortly after, he moved on to original music, which received great global recognition. generating great milestones for South American electronic music.MALO2K has been part of the musical avant-garde for years, forging the scene alongside other artists such as Nafftero, CRRDR, ALEROJ, NTFL and Entrañas, in addition to collaborating with labels such as makinmovs, Agva records, MALOCA, International Chrome and NAAFI.

After a great career and touring Latin America with his music, he finally received the much desired national recognition, generating his netlabel and party proposal "Subalterna" that seeks to represent a more personal vision and curatorship. MALO2K has participated in great parties such as Trampa de Sed in Mexico City, ARENA in Rio de Janeiro, Favela Clash and La Chismoteka in Chile. He has played on radio stations such as NTS and Rinse in London, Recreo in CDMX and Function FM in Brazil. He currently runs the label @subalternanet

"This set is a compilation of some works that I have accumulated and that will see the light this year, I want to thank those who were present through collaborations, in addition to being colleagues, they are friends and people that I admire a lot."

NR Sound Mix 028

Aleksandir (Alexander Lawrence) is an Istanbul-based DJ and producer. Alex’s first releases and debut album explored laid-back house, while his breakout hit ‘Yamaha’ (2018) hinted at a more club-ready sound and its overnight success threw him onto international stages, developing his skills as a DJ. In 2020, Aleksandir released his sophomore album ‘Skin’ on Omena, distilling disparate influence into inventive and emotive electronica.
Off the back of a long writer’s block, recent singles ‘Sacro’, ‘Momus’ and ‘String Game’ see Aleksandir celebrating a newly found inspiration and love for the craft. Merging the serene calm and melodies of his previous work and a new taste for more unhinged, techno-leaning production.
When he’s not noodling on Logic or nudging the jog wheel, Aleksandir co-pilots the Artesian Sounds label and co-curates the club night Miks in London.

NR Sound Premiere #7 Cloud 69
Angel D'lite

Label: Goddezz
Album: Enchanted EP
Release date: 01.03.24
Pre-order the digital album here:
Read the interview with LUXE & Angel D’lite:…ymology/angel-dlite/

NR Sound Mix 031
Chippy Nonstop

Chippy Nonstop takes her moniker from her teen nickname (her friends called her “Chippy” because of her love of eating potato chips) combined with her relentless hustling nature. And there’s a reason the name has stuck. For over a decade now, the DJ, songwriter, producer, rapper, singer, promoter, writer, community organiser, even graphic designer has existed in her own unique and thrilling realm: one spontaneously built from scratch, manifesting in a bright, maximalist, high-energy amalgamation of all the sounds of queer rave culture that she’s existed in and helped create through the years.
“When I was young, I moved so much that I didn’t feel like I belonged anywhere,” she explains, “And so I really connected to music that just sounded like it could be from anywhere.” It’s a sentiment that makes a lot of sense if you’ve ever come across any of Chippy’s work; having grown up across the UAE, Zambia, Canada and the US, with parents of Indian descent, her sound is one that is borderless in terms of genre and style. It’s telling that she's been tapped by Major Lazer; has DJ’d around the world (including spots at SXSW, Panorama Bar); has played revered sets on Boiler Room, Mixmag’s Lab and HÖR Berlin; featured in Vogue, VICE, Fader, DJ Mag and more; has put together mixes for Resident Advisor, BBC 6Music, and a coveted Essential Mix for BBC Radio 1 in 2023.
Chippy founded Intersessions, a series of community-focused, artist-run seminars aimed at addressing the imbalances (gender, sexuality, race) that still exist at all levels of the music industry, and also runs Pep Rally, a raucous night which centres both fun and fluidity. Accordingly, Chippy Nonstop has become a global name in pushing the industry to think more about disparities, inclusivity and accessibility while also ensuring everyone is having a good time.
Evidently, Chippy Nonstop has been leading by example and doing the damn thing. For over a decade now, she has been trailblazing through the boundless spaces where she belongs; and with plans to expand Intersessions and Pep Rally, along with new music and collaborations lined up, plus murmurings of a label, you know she’s just getting started.

NR Sound Premiere #6 Casual Contact
Strict Face

Album: Thirst For Nerve EP
Label: SLG International
Release date: 01.03.24

Buy the digital album here:

NR Sound Mix 027

HLLW is experimenting with its own hybrid realised on electronic gear without a computer screen. Time is dissolved and old as new, digital as analogue means are put into use. As if it were jazz, the songs are not composed, but improvised, while preserving the red thread and creating unique and interesting sound images.
‘A live hardware set fuled with homemade locked grooves and a tape recorder with hiphop and horror movie samples. Techno, house and proggy soundscapes are captured in this recording by HLLW. Embrace the distorted happy accidents, and enjoy the Sunday morning from the backyard of Pumpehuset in Copenhagen. Track list: full set of mostly unreleased HLLW material.’

The mix is a mastered and cut HLLW’s live performance at the Pumpehuset, Copenhagen in the middle of Summer on Sunday, a party organised by Den Anden Side.

NR Sound Mix 026
Dj Rankng

Architect, DJ, Producer, and multidisciplinary digital artist who blends strong and daring genres with melancholic and sentimental sounds to create complementary duality between both projects.

Originally from Mexico City, DJ Rankng expresses a distorted perspective of experimental club music, incorporating urban genres and ghetto electronic music to create infectious rhythms that transcend genres such as club, dembow, reggaeton, dancehall, trance, circuit, among others.

At the helm of Hypersonics, a Mexican netlabel that advocates for the visualization and connection of multiple disciplines, primarily music and digital art worldwide, Jersahin Flores has made a mark in the club scene through releases on various labels like Club Viral, Terminal, T.A.U, Global Malware, and others. He has contributed with mixtapes published on Internet Public Radio, Ola Radio, Chico Sonido Mixxx Show Dublab, HKCR, Salas Roma.

Among his most significant gigs are Terminal, Sic Club, Bar Oriente, Latigazo (Tijuana), Delicia (Guadalajara), Neoperreo (Guadalajara), Pegadxxs (Guanajuato).

NR Sound Mix 025

With one of the biggest stage presences and personalities in the Brazilian underground electronic circuit, Clementaum is a rising artist who has been captivating both Brazil and the world.
Fresh from her debut at Boiler Room, she has also been nominated by the technical jury for the WME Awards Powered by Billboard in the Musical Producer category. Additionally, she hosts her own show on Rinse FM (United Kingdom).
Exploring Latin electronic sounds, blending techno with tribal, adding a touch of funk and Ballroom's cuntiness, she makes the dance floor sizzle and shake.

NR Sound Mix 024

Electronic artist and producer Khalab has garnered international recognition for his unique blend of traditional African sounds, deep bass work, jazz, and densely layered electronic textures. His musical journey is a seamless progression, spanning from the roots of ancient tribes to the uncharted territories of the cosmos, from the jungle to the chaotic bustle of urban metropolises, and from the deepest recesses of the subconscious to the farthest and most realistic projections of future Africa. Khalab's musical philosophy centers on the fusion of tradition and evolution, synthesizing universal languages and exploring the electronic realm with a shamanic, groovy, and dark approach. These are the key elements that define his musical style.
Collaborating in the years with great artists like Shabaka Hutchings, Moses Boyd, Tenderlonious, Rocio Molina, Yazz Ahmed, Joshua Idehen & more, Khalab is associated with prominent record labels such as Black Acre, Wonderwheel Recordings, and Real World Records. His brand new album ‘Layers’ was released last August via his own label Hyperjazz Records.

"An hour of Afro futuristic sound full of sampling, live remixes, edits and ’sonic quotes'".

NR Sound Mix 023
MoMA Ready

Wyatt Stevens is at the forefront of a young Brooklyn scene that's taking the dance music world by storm. Alongside friends and collaborators such as AceMo, Kush Jones, and DJ Swisha, he's created a genre-agnostic movement that celebrates all facets of Black electronic music, from old-school Detroit techno to the early days of jungle, drum & bass and more modern strains of American dance music. His HAUS Of ALTR label has become a hub for this community, releasing his own material as well as his critically acclaimed AceMoMA project with AceMo, and three massive compilations that define this new generation of producers. MoMA Ready makes dance music intuitively and without orthodoxy, where techno can suddenly morph into drum & bass and back again.

NR Sound Mix 022

WRACK is a DJ and producer based in Tokyo. In addition to being a resident DJ at HKCR, he has contributed mixes to Boiler Room, Mixmag, NTS, Rinse, i-D, and more, as well as Mexico City, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Hong Kong, and more. , has experience in guest appearances both domestically and internationally, including Taipei, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya.
Furthermore, as a producer, he has released songs on many overseas labels such as NAAFI (Mexico), Absurd TRAX (Hong Kong), Over My Body (Taiwan), and HiedraH Club de Baile (Argentina), as well as Japanese TREKKIE TRAX, It has also been released by USI KUVO.

NR Sound Mix 021

T5UMUT5UMU is a Tokyo-based producer whose music is characterised by an exceptionally diverse blend of elements that showcase a distinctive style. His creatively rich approach involves drawing inspiration from Eastern cultures and a variety of instruments, which he skilfully weaves into UK-style club tracks. The resulting sound seamlessly fuses elements such as HARD DRUM, dark breakbeats, grime and DnB to create innovative and captivating compositions. His releases on labels such as Hakuna Kulala, Eastern Margins, FunctionLab, TREKKIE TRAX, Ashida Park and Eco Futurism Corporation have attracted audiences from both the local and international scenes due to his eclectic musical style and imaginative approach.

NR Sound Mix 020
Ariel Zetina

Ariel Zetina is a Chicago based artist, focusing in music production, deejaying, and writing. Though her music can be considered techno, she takes inspiration from Chicago house, Belizean punta, and the queer club scene worldwide. These influences can be heard on a number of EP’s, remixes, and in 2022 on her debut album Cyclorama via Local Action Records. She is a resident DJ at the legendary house club Smartbar and co runs the party/mix series Rumors. She is also a playwright, and has had her plays staged around the US. In 2022, she was nominated for Breakthrough DJ-North America by DJ Mag.

NR Sound Mix 018

Francisco Corredor aka CRRDR, is a multidisciplinary artist based in Bogotá - Colombia, Founder of Traaampaaa and Co-founder and Producer of Muakk. He has developed a proposal based on the exploration of Latin rhythms with electronic music, creating sets that are assembling the tribal rhythms and always going through different amalgamations of Latin club music looking to play with the ears of the listeners, highlighting his sound being a pioneer of Latin Tekno and Latin Core.
The growth in his mixes and productions, which dates back to 2019, has led him to collaborate with different national and international labels, even launching with NAAFI and Boiler Room Hard Dance Series, also sharing the stage with several consolidated artists of the Latin American and global club circuit.
In his artistic development he has developed a style he calls Latin Tekno, which encompasses accelerated Latin music and has led him to stand out in the global club scene reaching the world underground scene, his proposal is recognized by the eclecticism in his sets and tracks, basically it could be said that "Corredor" is one of the newest fresh proposals of the Latin American underground.
Within his productions and mixes stands out the quality and fusion of Latin American sounds such as Dembow, Guaracha, Tribal and Latin Tek. As well as the versatility of the sounds and the ability to adapt to any dance floor.

“This mix is basically a mixture of latin + bass music, full of my productions and some other artists I admire and like, between 130 to 165 bpms this mix is full of energy, dance and textures to involve people into the CRRDR Latin Core & Club Experience.”

NR Sound Mix 017

I-RO is an Amsterdam based DJ. She was born in Istanbul and began her musical journey by drumming and exploring various genres of music. Her sound is characterised by its hypnotising flow of powerful elements. To create a compelling atmosphere she integrated sound patterns from various sub-genres of electronic music. Together with her storytelling skills and desire to stay connected with the dance floor, her DJ sets are a sensory experience.

NR Sound Mix 016
Dj Fucci

Pablo Ramirez, also known as Dj Fucci (formerly Aladar), is a producer, audio engineer and DJ originally from Mexico. As co-founder of the Mexican record label WAVA WAVA, Dj Fucci has been at the forefront of electronic music for years, creating innovative sounds and unexpected beats that have led him to perform at some of the world's most important venues and festivals, including the Ceremonia 2023 festival. He has shared the stage with some of the most prominent artists in underground electronic music, including FJAAK, Batu, Efdemin, Pearson Sound, Nick Leon, Jubilee, Aurora Halal, and has collaborated with renowned artists such as Eartheater, DJ Swisha, Nick Leon, Jensen Interceptor, Susobrino, Ikonika, Jasss, CRRDR, Malo2k, Saphir22, Plvybvy, among others. Dj Fucci has released music on important international platforms such as Dekmantel, Boiler Room, HOR Berlin, Fabric Lndn, Boomkat, Resident Advisor, and has worked with labels such as NAAFI, International Chrome (Berlin), Lobster Theremin, Vnión, Voragine, LOWERS, Discos Sentimiento, Antimateria Sonora, FUTURABLE, AERONEMA, Artfisia, among others. In addition, Dj Fucci is known for his ability to build an audible story, and his record label, WAVA WAVA, has set the standard in the music scene, consolidating itself as one of the most important in Mexico and Latin America. With his Live Set, Dj Fucci develops an immersive narrative, taking peculiar risks and innovating within the already known genres. He has been invited to perform on distinguished platforms such as Rinse fm (France and London), NTS Radio (Los Angeles) where he has the monthly program CDMX TAPES, The Lot Radio, Mazaef Radio, Noods, Aire Libre 105.3, Ibero 90.9, Radio Sofá, among others. In February 2022, Dj Fucci joined the great national label NAAFI with his EP "Fauna", achieving a quick success around the world. His music is an amalgam of sounds that have led Dj Fucci to be considered one of the most innovative and exciting artists of the current electronic scene. His latest release "Milpa" through NAAFI has gained global recognition in a short period of time. Further consolidating his position as one of the most promising up-and-comers in Mexico's underground scene.

"This mix has a taste of some unreleased music by Dj Fucci and some tracks of the PIRATA 666 Compilation."

NR Sound Mix 015
Anastasia Kristensen

Copenhagen-based DJ and producer Anastasia Kristensen’s distinct skills and electrifying DJ sets have set her apart from the crowd. Gathering sounds from a vast array of influences, she enthusiastically researches off-grid electronics and blends them together through an adventurous, if not infectious, mixing technique. To become the selector that she is today, Anastasia embraced non-conformity and fortitude throughout her life, continuously aiming for her audience to let go on the dancefloor. Her avant-garde, dance-oriented sets captivate audiences in an instant. Whoever attends one of Kristensen’s kaleidoscopic sets should be ready to get lost and experience the unpredictable.

Anastasia hosts regular all-nighters at Den Anden Side, a new underground venue in her hometown Copenhagen. She also holds a residency at Mainstream, the city's most reputable LGBTQ party. Both platforms stand for her versatility and community orientation and are key contributors to her experience of playing foggy high quality basements and festival stages dexterously and with devotion. Anastasia has also played internationally at highly reputable venues and events, including at the experimental UNSOUND Festival, CTM festival, and Field Day this year, as well as clubs like FOLD, BLITZ, Bassiani, and Elysia in Basel.

In 2023, Anastasia continues on her mission to represent musical curiosity within communities, though hosting listening sessions in Copenhagen, where members of the public will be able to showcase the music they love and tell the connected stories around them.

NR Sound Mix 014
1-800 GIRLS

London based Producer and DJ, Jake Stewart has successfully located the pleasure centres of UK dance via the diverse output of his “1-800 GIRLS” alias. His sound underpinned by the contrasts of subtle nostalgia running alongside rumbling grooves, crackling percussives and gloriously staccato melodies, with spring-tingling emotional textures being the glue holding together everything he produces. Often falling in sharp contrast with his own eclectic high energy DJ sets.

NR Sound Mix 013
Yes Stanley

Yes Stanley is a producer and DJ from Kyiv. He creates music that combines various genres such as techno, ambient, electro, breakbeat, trance, and electronica, giving his work a unique sound.
He has independently released numerous tracks and EPs, as well as contributed to labels such as Diffuse Reality (Deep Glamour EP) and SPLOT (Entourage EP). He has also participated in compilations like Obskura, Peace Tomorrow, and #Save Ukraine, where proceeds were directed towards aiding Ukraine in light of Russian aggression.
Yes Stanley took his first steps in the Polish music scene, where he served as a resident at the "Transformator" (club in Wrocław) and made a splash with the collective "LVN".
One of his recent projects includes the charitable label-initiative, Peace Tomorrow.

"This set is a special one for me. It was recorded on my birthday, and maybe that's why it sounds like my whole life, step by step. There are a lot of turning points and a lot of stylistic diversity in this set, which at the same time reflects me and my worldview."

NR Sound Premiere #5 Spandrel?
Evita Manji

Spandrel? at Aurora Live Edition
Read the interview with Evita Manji here:

NR Sound Mix 012

Swan Meat(Reba Fay) is a record producer and DJ from Washington DC based in Cologne, Germany. Since truly breaking onto the scene with her 2019 EP, FLESHWORLD (Infinite Machine), which Resident Advisor called “a dizzying sequence of references and samples programmed to shock and awe,” she has carved out her own niche in the underground, perfecting a sound in which sweeping string arrangements, 8-bit synth melodies, and gigantic kicks meet in a weird and eerie whorl. Her sound is exemplified in singles such as “SLUDGE,” “PSYCHOPATH,” and “BEHAVE,” among others, but especially on her latest EP, BLOOD SUPERNOVA, where her sound is pushed to its maximalist limit. A resident DJ on Cologne’s dublab outlet, as well as one-half of the techno duo House of Suns with DJH, Swan Meat has proven herself versatile and ever-evolving, touring the world with her extreme, uncompromising live sets. Fay also composes for video games, with recent projects including music for the Divine Disco in Bloodhunt.

"Usually I make off the wall, high octane mixes that sort of pummel your eardrums, for NR I wanted to make something softer and more dynamic that builds to a crescendo."

NR Sound Premiere #4 Strike
Oldyungmayn, Estoc

Label: Magdalena’s Apathy
Album: M.A036
Release date: 01.02.24
Read the interview here:…tymology/oldyungmayn
Order the digital album here:

NR Sound Mix 011

Holding much of a hobbyist approach to electronic music until his teens, Whitley was nothing more than an average listener, often favouring more experimental forms of music. Although his tastes were drawn from various ends of the musical spectrum, dancefloor-based music remained largely unexplored until later in life. During this time, his only insight into clubbing was attending events in his local area which his friends would be playing at - usually messy nights in a function suite playing hardcore all night or shoddily organised illegal raves in a forest.

After he began integrating into the Glasgow techno scene during the latter years of his teens, Whitley's electronic music interests began to expand, honing in on a variety of old school sounds and eventually venturing into the realm of trance.

Having spent his recent years pursuing these styles, Whitley has recently re-ignited his love for hardcoreand pushed everything else to the side. With a particular liking to the Millenium style coming from the late 90s and 00s, it is evident that his passion for euphoric sounds is not going anywhere anytime soon.

As one of the Voight-Kampff collective’s founding fathers, Whitley's role within the collective has been responsible for the aid of launching VK, as well as his solo career, into much deeper territory than Glasgow soil.

"In this mix, I put on a display of rough, choppy mixing, switching rapidly between genres and varying styles of techno, broken beat music, and hardcore sounds. The aim of this mix was to challenge myself to move as seamlessly as possible through difficult transitions between styles of music that are not so familiar to me in terms of mixing as well as styles that I mix frequently."

NR Sound Mix 010
Pyramid of Knowledge

Meet Pyramid of Knowledge, also known as K.O.P. 32. With a background in audio engineering and a passion for blending dance music genres, he has been carving out his own unique sound identity in recent years.
His records, released on respected labels like Hard Beach Entertainment, Craigie Knowies, and his own imprint Beyond the Bridge, have garnered attention from discerning selectors, becoming highly sought-after additions to any music collection.
K.O.P. 32 possesses a love for crafting rich and textured atmospheres, accompanied by precise drum grooves. His compositions unfold layer by layer, resulting in music that remains fresh and original while embracing a nostalgic feel. Drawing inspiration from his Parisian roots and current base in Seoul, his diverse influences infuse his tracks with a special blend of creativity and intrigue.
In 2021, K.O.P. 32 embarked on a new chapter by launching his own label, Beyond the Bridge, providing a platform for his musical vision. Through this imprint, he channels a range of emotions, exploring elements of psychedelia, depth, tribal rhythms, complexity, and darkness.
Prepare to embark on a captivating sonic journey as K.O.P. 32's music invites you to explore new sonic territories, engage your mind, and move your body simultaneously. Embrace the understated allure of this talented contemporary artist as he continues to evolve and make his mark on the ever-evolving music landscape.

"As I have a release scheduled very soon on the esteemed British label Unknown to the Unknown, I wanted to create a mix that showcases the music you will be hearing on this EP. Although I haven't had many opportunities to perform under my Pyramid of Knowledge moniker recently, I believe this mix truly embodies the essence of this project – classic electro-breaks infused with a touch of trance."

NR Sound Mix 009

ogtrues is a Berlin based producer and DJ. He relies on minimalism to accentuate individual elements of his carefully selected tracks. Groovy loops merge with crisp percussive samples in an ever-evolving soundscape, hypnotising and drawing the listener in. Gradual progressions and atmospheric, floaty synths convey a feeling of weightlessly drifting through space. It is the synthesis of dub elements with classic techno sounds that makes the mix feel both danceable and effortless.

ogtrues has impressed crowds and the techno scene time and time again with his groove-infused sound, combining rolling, hypnotic, melodic and old-school elements into one.
His career has already seen him play across Berlin’s best venues and also in Poland and Amsterdam. What really makes him stand out though is his OG mentality of authenticity and realness. A first class producer himself, he has released on a range of underground labels including BCCO.
He is inspired by his power to inspire others and driven by a desire to push forward the music he loves, as well as the scene he calls his home.
His sound is organic, well-rounded and overall sexy as hell, pulling you in with its seductive rhythms and keeping you locked on the floor with its pounding drive.

Mastered by Fernando at Phase Audio in London

NR Sound Premiere #3 Talk Small
Elpac, Grove

Label: Amity

Album: An Ode To Brentry Road EP

Release date: 02.02.24
Read the interview with Elpac & Grove here:…ymology/elpac-grove/
Order the digital album here:

NR Sound Mix 008
Cameo Blush

Cameo Blush is the project of London-based producer John Dunk, producing experimental dance music that draws on a mix of UK sounds and beyond.
The producer combines distant elements of the dance music sphere, all the while retaining a signature sound and style of production full of unexpected twists and turns.

Named one of Mixmag’s Top 25 Artists to Watch in 2022, his latest single ‘Template’ was released on 30th September via concept label unknown - untitled. The single was described by Resident Advisor as “instantly memorable and further establishing the day-glo sound Cameo Blush has already impressed us with”.

Alongside a string of mixes - including for Dummy and the Feel My Bicep mixtape series - the producer has taken his live show to revered clubs such as Corsica Studios, Phonox and e1. Previous releases include EPs on Ross From Friends' Scarlet Tiger imprint, Seb Wildblood’s all my thoughts and Nick Höppner’s Touch From A Distance, as well as remixes for Prospa and Aleksandir.

NR Sound Premiere #2 Ephemerides

Album: VA II: Common Welfare [ISB002]
Label: Isabelline
Release date: 01.24
Mastered by Kassian Troyer at Dubplates & Mastering
Read the interview with Plebeian here:…-etymology/plebeian/
Order the digital album here:…n-welfare

NR Sound Mix 007
Pierre Blanche

Pierre Blanche is an electronic music duo that has continued to release and grow since their debut in 2018.
It's unusual for Korean producers to be introduced by world-renowned artists such as deadmau5, Carl Cox, and Markus Schulz. With support, their music resonated at festivals and club stages around the world.
They were nominated at the 2023 Korea Music Awards for Best Electronic Song/Best Electronic Album. With the release of their full-length album "Ego" in 2022, they revealed their new musical world.
It also showed the direction they took towards live performances through EBS 'Space Gonggam’ and NAVER 'ON STAGE 2.0'.

NR Sound Mix 006

Yunhee is an Amsterdam based DJ from South-Korea. Her sound can be described as a combination of dark noise, hypnotic, groovy roiling up tempo beats with spaced out melodic lines.
 Hypnotizing the audience with sound and never letting the dancing stop is her musical motto. She wants to deliver her audience a feeling of inner strength, but to also give them a sense of inspiration.

This set sound is combined with rolling bass with groovy beat and dark hypnotic synth and mystical mood.

NR Sound Premiere #1 Ta soltera
CRRDR, Lejía

Release date: 12.12.23
Order the digital album here:

NR Sound Mix 005

ceb’s focus is on deep, groovy, sexy and streamlined techno and trance — and merging these together in a perfect way to fit the time, place and energy.
ceb has quickly gained some respectful momentum in the Helsinki club scene. He's in the zone doing high energy closings, but has also been trusted to warm up for DJs like Mama Snake, SPFDJ, Cera Khin and Salome to name a few. He will be debuting this summer at Solstice Festival in Northern Finland. He’s also running Interlink with Paula Koski - a club concept launching later this year.

For this mix ceb felt like channelling his recent experiences in Berghain. High quality techno with soul massaging low ends and mind-bending grooves, with a couple trancier closers at the end.

Recorded at Post Bar Helsinki.

NR Sound Mix 004
Dustin Phil

As a passionate music lover and skilled performer, Dustin Phil takes pride in creating an electrifying atmosphere that lingers on long after his sets have ended.
Inspired by the dark and edgy vibes that electronic music exudes, he weaves a unique musical narrative that transports his audience to another realm.
Born and raised in the Lake Garda (IT), Dustin had the privilege of being exposed to some of the most experimental music that Italy has to offer. The position as a resident DJ at the renowned Volt Club (Milan) has further enhanced his musical prowess and allowed him to interact with international artists and people from diverse cultural backgrounds. The love for the underground scene is a testament.
He is always on the lookout for new opportunities to showcase his talents and share his music around the world.
An artist who can deliver an unforgettable performance while staying true to the roots of electronic music.

The selection is based encompassing heavy-bass tracks with dry and dynamic drum rhythm. The set will consist of one hour of live recording featuring pitched vocals.
Dustin's recent trip to the UK served as a catalyst for his avant-garde approach to music, and he continues to push the boundaries of what is considered mainstream. The performance takes place in a countryside setting studio.

NR Sound Mix 003
Aleksa Alaska

In the realm of sound, Aleksa Alaska emerges as an artist of boundless curiosity. With a passion for sonic exploration, she immerses in unknown and imaginative territories.

A convergence of frequencies; subtly shifts your thoughts and perception through an interplay of rhythms and entrancing sequences. Its sounds seem oddly familiar as if you've experienced this before in some distant reality or dream.

NR Sound Mix 002
Alby Maz

London-based Alby Maz has jumped behind the decks about a year ago, after years spent partying in clubs and raves around Italy, Berlin, Amsterdam and London. Inspired by the energy of queer spaces and wild forest parties, his sets feature hypnotic loops and sultry vocals, mixed with hard basses and dark, groovy rhythms. His mix for NR travels quite consistently on 145 BPM. It features mainly the darker side of techno, groovy bass and hypnotic loops, with occasional pop vocals, electro twists and animalistic sounds.

NR Sound Mix 001

Driven by his interest in different modes of artistic expression, BLNK began experimenting with sounds at the age of 15, experiencing many different musical styles over the years. His mixes mainly feature styles ranging from Deep Techno, Experimental, Ambient and abstract Techno sounds.
In 2015 he started the Techno Empire project, with the purpose to spread techno culture across podcasts and info about new and old releases.
In early 2023, with his friend Grievance, he starts ETEREA, an independent label focused on Deep Techno, Ambient, Experimental, Hypnotic sounds.

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